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Sep 12

4 safety tips for using public Wi-Fi

Posted by Administrator in wifi , Security , public wifi , hot spot , firewall

If you have a laptop computer with wireless connectivity, you can access the Internet using Wi-Fi, or wireless networks, often in public places such as coffee shops, airports, hotels, and other spaces. Here are four quick tips to enjoy the convenience of public Wi-Fi and help to protect your privacy.

Sep 08

Why virtualise in the cloud?

Posted by Administrator in virtualise

If your looking for a way to reduce IT costs and at the same time improve business efficiency moving towards virtualising your business IT infrastructure can be the way forward. Our top four reasons to adopt virtualisation may help you make up your mind:

Feb 20

Sending Messages to School Computers

Posted by Administrator in XP , school messaging , school ICT , NET SEND , Microsoft

School networks are not always the bleeding edge so I thought it useful to post some instructions for sending messages to computers on networks that are using Windows Server 2003 and xp clients.  ICT coordinators might find this useful if they need to get messages to teachers quickly.

Nov 28

High Performance Secure Remote Access

Posted by Administrator in ssh , Remote access , Green ICT , encryption , data protection

OK.  So it has been quite a while since I updated my blog so I had better write something worthwhile!  I have been involved in quite a few interesting projects recently and one of these was becoming a reseller for a very clever server appliance that provides my business with access to our  lights out office using two factor authentication through a secure, fast (hardware encryption) and reliable connection anywhere in the world.

This actually an update of my previous blog post about remote anywhere. The Linux powered server provides all the server services typical needed by small to medium sized businesses and schools as well as coming pre-configured with software such as SugarCRM and Plone or Joomla but one of its key features is to provide  high performance encrypted remote access for email and data.  

So at one end we have a unique Linux server and the other a SPOK (Secure Portable Office Key).  The SPOK is a high performance USB drive which initiates a connection to the Linux server from either a windows or Linux desktop (it can also work on Mac).  The program that runs on the SPOK can also be configured to do port mapping so once the connection has been made services  / protocols like http, imap or smtp can be run on the desktop and tunnel through the secure ssh connection.  Making use of portable apps means I can read my emails or access files from any pc anywhere in the world without the data leaving my office server!

We have found many uses for the server appliance but one of its strong points is to avoid issues with business or schools data leaving site.  By utilising the right technology with Invictus we can ensure that your data and your customers data will not end up as another statistic on pages of the ICO (Information Comissioners Office) highlighting breeches of the Data Protection ACT.

Jun 19

Ed Roberts - an inspiration!

Posted by Administrator in pioneer , pc , Microsoft

Its not only really important not to forget the past but, also to learn from the past - to an extent!  Whilst on holiday over Easter 2010 I came across the obituary in the Times of Ed Roberts.

Trying to build a small business in this industry (hectic family life included) is quite hard and the effort to climb the SME ladder is quite incredibly at times.  Here, however, is man who did it - quite successfully by all accounts - during the pioneering days of computing, particularly desktop and mobile computing.  I had of course never heard of him before and to read that Bill Gates attended the hospital during his last few days is a testament to his contribution in what is now one of the worlds biggest industries.

I found the article really inspiring and reading that after virtually developing one of the first PC's running what may have been windows version 1 or whatever and subsequently having a number of business successes and failures he retired and re-trained himself as a medical doctor and opened a practice!!  What a talent.  You have to say that Ed Roberts was a true pioneer of the Personal Computer revolution and did not get the recognition he deserved.


Jun 07

Remote Anywhere

Posted by Administrator in Terminal Services , Remote access , encryption

We are just about to launch a new service for high secure remote access for schools and other establishments.  The system comprises of a server c/w hardware encryption chips and all the SME server trimmings and a USB drive called a SPOK! (Secure Portable Office Key)

Inserting the SPOK into an Internet connected computer will automatically fire a secure connection to your office server.  The SPOK can be built to run a number of portable applications such as an email client or web browser.

May 19

Green technology: how schools can cut ICT spending

Posted by Administrator in VLE , learning environments , Green ICT , energy conservation

Simple efficiency measures in schools' use of technology are often all that's needed to save energy, resources and the environment.

It is very very frustrating working in schools at times.  If we are talking about a green ICT agenda or dare I even say a green or environmental policy for a school then we would take  a massive leap forward by just making the school or Head Teacher responsible for their financial budgets.  To often these budgets are largely determined by what you spend and little focus or local government transparency is given to what the school should actually be spending!  A little more emphasis on budgets in-line with the private sectors way of thinking would be a big step forward.

Of course technology is great but the flip side of this is the misuse of it.  Only the other night I was undertaking some remote support on a clients laptop and I notice the support console indicating that a school pc used by the management team had been left on.  I duly logged in and shut it down.  I DREAD TO THINK how many pc's are left on like this in schools - in some case whole ICT suites probably.

This is an interesting article from the Guardian by Julie Nightingale, in which:

Apr 14

Outsourcing your ICT

Posted by Administrator in outsourcing , Invictus Technology , business planning

Outsourcing your IT to Invictus Technology will give your business many advantages over developing an in-house IT team.
Reasons to Outsource Your IT:
Cost SavingsInvictus Technology is all about IT. This specific focus gives us expertise, efficiencies and economies of scale that simply couldn’t be achieved by all of our customers individually within their organisations. We therefore are able to pass on our economies of scale to our customers.
No Hidden CostsIt is not just the salary costs of an in-house IT department that should be considered. Staff need to be trained, sickness and holidays need to be covered and specialist skills beyond the team have to be purchased. An IT department will also need good (and expensive) tools to do their job. By outsourcing your IT to Invictus Technology, all of these hidden costs are removed: we charge you a simple, affordable fixed monthly fee, everything else is down to us to sort out.
Range of SkillsTo deliver real value to your business, your IT department should have a range of skills and abilities from IT Directors to Desktop Support Engineers. However, many smaller organisations cannot afford to employ people with all of these skills. This can lead to undesirable situations such as IT strategy being defined  by a relatively junior staff member or a highly paid IT Director spending time fixing PC’s. Invictus Technology have a range of highly qualified partners with various skills and roles, so by outsourcing your IT to Invictus Technology, you will have your own ‘IT Department’ without having to recruit multiple staff members.
Measurable & Flexible ServiceOur service does not get ill, it does not take annual leave: it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will constantly exceed the expectations of your business. As your business grows our service can grow with it. If you decide to scale back, our service can also be downsized.
Apr 12

Chartered IT Status

Posted by Administrator in professional membership , chartered , BCS

I have just graduated to a Professional Member of the British Computing Society from an Associate.  Chartered status here we come!!



Professional Membership demonstrates both competence and a commitment to keep pace with advancing knowledge and the increasing expectations and requirements of your profession.

Mar 01

Support for Vista and XP

Posted by Administrator in XP , Windows 7 , vista , support , software updates

Microsoft aims to end update support for Vista before XP and Windows 2000.  Enough said!  What a disaster Vista has been for Microsoft.

A colleague of mine was at demonstration or conference about two months ago and he was told by a Microsoft evangelist that the MS policy was not refer to Visa by name (Vista) but as the previous operating system!!

So the end is nigh for XP and W2K but so far Windows 7 seems a good replacement.

"The company said yesterday that a Vista service pack-free OS will no longer get MS support after 13 April this year, leaving the flaky platform entirely at the mercy of hackers who might wish to exploit that code.

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